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Books on Black Health and Wellness

Websites on black health and wellness

Audiovisual materials on black health and wellness

Historical Materials and guides on black health and wellness




LADIPO GROUP founded to increase access to Black therapists and decrease the stigma of mental health treatment. In addition to our in-person and virtual therapy services we work closely with organizations of all sizes that are committed to creating and maintaining a workplace where everyone feels welcomed and has the same opportunities for career development and advancement. 


PHILADELPHIA BLACK WOMAN’S HEALTH ALLIANCE works to improve health care outcomes and reduce health disparities for African American and other minority women and their families through advocacy, education, research and support services. 



AYANA THERAPY a user-friendly app that enables matching marginalized communities with compatible licensed therapists based on their unique experiences and identities across race, gender identity, class, sexuality, ethnicity, and ability. It allows for flexible, convenient and anonymous online communication (text, call and video call) and addresses barriers to care such as transportation issues, busy schedules and mobility challenges that people may face. 


BLACK GIRLS CAN HEAL Focuses on helping women of color discover their immense internal power, while eliminating all that is holding them back.


BLACK GIRLS SMILE INC. Promotes positive mental health for young African American girls. 


DECOLONIZING THERAPY is holding space for you as you do what you can, to take care of your community, mind, body, and spirit during these times. 


ETHEL’S CLUB The first social and wellness platform designed to celebrate people of color. 


LIVE ANOTHER DAY  believes in equal access to life-saving mental health and substance use resources. They explore mental health challenges facing Black people and offer dozens of free resources to support recovery.


THE LOVELAND FOUNDATION Provides financial support for therapy for Black women and girls.


OMNOIRE A social wellness community for Black women and women of color dedicated to living well. 


OPEN PATH PSYCHOTHERAPY COLLECTIVE: Open Path Psychotherapy Collective is a non-profit nationwide network of mental health professionals dedicated to providing in-office and online mental health care—at a steeply reduced rate—to individuals, couples, children, and families in need. 


SOBER BLACK GIRLS CLUB A community that provides resources and support to Black girls considering a sober life. 


THERAPY FOR BLACK GIRLS An online space dedicated to encouraging the mental wellness of Black women and girls. 


THERAPY FOR QUEER PEOPLE OF COLOR  Increases access to quality and inclusive mental healthcare for queer and trans folx of color through empowerment and education.  


THE STEVE FUND Organization focused on supporting the mental health and emotional well-being of young people of color. The Steve Fund works with colleges and universities, non-profits, researchers, mental health experts, families, and young people to promote programs and strategies that build understanding and assistance for the mental and emotional health of the nation’s young people of color.

THE SUMMIT WELLNESS GROUP  offers an abundance of guidance in recognizing and responding to signs of drug abuse. They've curated a list of the top resources that support the mental health of the BIPOC community.

TRANSPARENT & BLACK A wellness collective shattering unconventional stigmas surrounding what it means to be well for Black women. 


 UNAPOLOGETICALLY US – Unapologetically Us, launched in 2014, is a lifestyle brand and online community designed for Black women. In this digital space, our platform is to responsibly inform, foster creativity and engage in thoughtful dialogue.



ASSOCIATION OF BLACK PSYCHOLOGISTS DIRECTORY A listing of psychologists who are members of The Association of Black Psychologists and own and operate their own private practice business or are employed as therapists.


BLACK FEMALE THERAPISTS Directory to help women in their search for a Black or Brown therapist. 


HEALING IN COLOR a directory of BIPOC therapists who are committed to supporting BIPOC— in all our intersections. 


INCLUSIVE THERAPISTS Aims to make the process of seeking therapy simpler and safer for all people, especially marginalized populations.  


THE NATIONAL QUEER & TRANS THERAPISTS OF COLOR NETWORK A healing justice organization committed to transforming mental health for queer and trans people of color (QTPoC).  


THERAPIST LIKE ME brings awareness to the intersection of mental health and minority-identity: race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, language, mental health, neurotype, disability, and other intersections of identity. 


SHINE APP- we’re on a mission to make caring for our mental and emotional health easier, more representative, and more inclusive—of all of our experiences. We started Shine because we didn’t see ourselves—a Black woman and a half-Japanese woman—and our experiences represented in mainstream “wellness.” Our bodies, our skin color, our financial access, our past traumas—it all often felt otherized.




A FIGHT WORTH FINISHING Written by mental health advocate and self help book author Jasmin Pierre, this book is based on her experiences with major depressive disorder and suicide, This two part series is written to encourage others to never give up, no matter the adversity and to always keep fighting till the finish.


BLACK DISABLED WOMAN SYLLABUS   A living document that lists imperative information and resources about the Black disabled woman’s experience to educate, inform, and empower the public about the plight of this triple minority group including the areas of mental health and stigma.


BLACK FAMILIES IN THERAPY: UNDERSTANDING THE AFRICAN AMERICAN EXPERIENCE This classic text helps professionals and students understand and address cultural and racial issues in therapy with African American clients. Leading family therapist Nancy Boyd-Franklin explores the problems and challenges facing African American communities at different socioeconomic levels, expands major therapeutic concepts and models to be more relevant to the experiences of African American families and individuals, and outlines an empowerment-based, multisystemic approach to helping clients mobilize cultural and personal resources for change.


HEALING BLACK WOMEN BLOG A safe space designed to encourage & promote all forms of wellness & health for Black women. 


MELANATED SOCIAL WORK Shares mental health resources, information, and discussions created and curated by four men of color in the social work field. PODCAST


MY THERAPY CARDS Self-exploration card deck created by a Black female psychologist for other women of color; created with the intention of helping other women of color grow and elevate in the areas of emotional and mental health. 


OURSELVES BLACK PODCAST Provides information on promoting mental health and developing positive coping mechanisms through a podcast, online magazine and online discussion groups. 


RIVERS ARE COMING A classic compilation of essays and poems on healing from emotional wounds inflicted by depression and trauma, and celebrating the survival of being lost and discovering ones ability to live wholeheartedly. Author Minaa B. uses the river as a metaphor to solicit change, and extends an invitation to welcome the power of uncertainty into the lives of people so that we can be introduced to love, hope and healing, and to progress in an upward trajectory.





DR ELIZA BELLE – A Black licensed psychologist working in administration in a state psychiatric hospital as well as the owner of a private clinical practice in Birmingham, Alabama. Working to erase the negative stigma of mental illness (especially in the Black community) is her life’s passion, and she has committed to helping those in need to heal and grow. 



AFRICAN AMERICAN MENTAL HEALTH PROVIDERS an online resource center of psychologists, psychiatric services, therapists, licensed clinical social workers and community based resources 


BLACK EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL HEALTH COLLECTIVE A training, movement building, and grant making organization dedicated to the healing, wellness, and liberation of Black and marginalized communities.

THE BORIS LAWRENCE HENSON FOUNDATION Provides support for and brings awareness to mental health issues that plague the African American community.


FAMILY PATHS – (formerly Parental Stress Service) A non-profit organization of mental health professionals and dedicated volunteers that provides a number of mental health and supportive services to low income, multi-stressed individuals and families in Alameda County of the San Francisco Bay Area. Services include a 24-hour Parent Support Hotline, a Foster Parent Advice Line, CalWORKs Case Management, Positive Parenting Classes, and Family Yoga. They also provide counseling for children, adolescents, adults and families. 


LGBTQ PSYCOTHERAPISTS OF COLOR DIRECTORY A grassroots, volunteer-led group providing support, networking, leadership development, and community building opportunities for LGBTQs of Color in psychology, social work, and counseling. 


 SAFE BLACK SPACE collective of local practitioners, community members and activists, faith leaders, educators and others of African ancestry. Safe Black Space provides culturally specific strategies and resources to help Black people heal from historical and current wounds, both individually and collectively. 



ACADEMIC FOR BLACK SURVIVAL AND WELLNESS An organization of Black counseling psychologists and their colleagues who practice Black allyship.


COACH DEBBIE MOTIVATES – A focus on Existentialism, Art Therapy, Mindfulness, Infant Mental Health, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Epigenetics, and raising awareness to decrease stigma in our communities. 


 FLORIDA SOCIAL SOLUTIONS – Founded in Orlando by Zeta Connor and her fiancé,  a Christian couple who not only believes in the power of God, and prayer, but also upholds a firm belief that with determination, the impossible CAN become possible. It provides clinical and case management services for individuals that struggle to gain self-sufficiency due to manifesting mental health disorders. 



BLACK WOMEN’S HEALTH IMPERATIVE Organization advancing health equity and social justice for Black women through policy, advocacy, education, research and leadership development. 


HEAL WITH CRYSTAL  – Dr. Crystal Jones serves to hold space for transformative processes. In birth, she holds space as a holistic doula. In healing, she serves as an intuitive chiropractic healer. In transitions, she serves as an agent for intentional manifestation. 


LEE THOMPSON YOUNG FOUNDATION Dedicated to erasing the stigma associated with mental illness, advancing holistic health treatments, and improving the young lives of all those impacted.


THE TUPAC AMARU SHAKUR FOUNDATION Addresses mental health conditions and eradicates the effects of trauma on the Black community by providing access to therapeutic resources, creative arts, and education designed to support mental health, physical wellness, and overall development. 



CHANGING PERSPECTIVES – A multidisciplinary behavioral health care practice centered on the evaluation of mental disorders, diagnostics, and preventative health care services from a multicultural perspective. Their mission is to help clients become a better version of themselves through empathy, understanding, and holistic mental health care. 


SISTA AFYA COMMUNITY MENTAL WELLNESS Sustains the mental wellness of Black women through building community, sharing information, and connecting Black women to quality mental wellness services. 



SMALL TALK COUNSELING & CONSULTING LLC – The mission of Small Talk Counseling & Consulting Services is to provide quality therapeutic, educational, and social support services to individual adults, couples, families, and organizations through genuine, interpersonal and collaborative relationships and detailed personalized care.



ALL WALKS OF LIFE Black owned and operated mental and behavioral health facilities 


BLACK MENTAL HEALTH ALLIANCE Provides information and resources and a “Find a Therapist” locator to connect with a culturally competent mental health professional. 


SMR COUNSELING SERVICES – SMR serves the needs of those who desire professional therapy outside traditional appointment hours and settings. Offices are located in Burtonsville, Maryland; Waldorf, Maryland; and Washington, D.C. The practice also serves as a training ground for those who desire to enter the field of counseling. 



INNOPSYCH Connecting faster and easier for people of color to match with a therapist of color; and strives to make therapists of color more visible in the community. 



SOLAY COUNSELING – Founded by Dr. Kamala Uzzell, is a private mental health practice with offices in two cities in North Carolina. One focus of the practice is providing accessible services for persons of color.  Dr. Uzzell is a licensed professional counselor supervisor and adjunct professor of counseling and psychology with 17 years of professional therapy experience. 



HARVESTING HOPE, LLC – A youth and family services program sowing seeds of hope in the community.  It works with a local high school to provide mentoring and peer leadership skills to the next generation of leaders and providing community based training opportunities to local youth and families in partnership with local community agencies. 



THE BLACK PSYCHIATRISTS OF GREATER NEW YORK & ASSOCIATES – A multi-cultural organization that seeks to expand access to psychiatric care for people of African descent and all people who are under-served. 


COUNSELING SPACE  A social work practice that aims to improve the quality of life for individuals  and communities who struggle with mental health conditions. Founded by Leslie M. Garcia, who has over 15 years of experience, it specializes in culturally aware and culturally competent-based services. 


THE OKRA PROJECT A collective that seeks to address the global crisis faced by Black Trans people by bringing home cooked, healthy, and culturally specific meals and resources to Black Trans People. Created The Nina Pop and The Tony McDade Mental Health Recovery Fund for Black Trans People. 


PROJECT LETS The Trauma Healing Fund provides grants for Black people to access therapy. 



MELANIN AND MENTAL HEALTH Connects individuals with culturally competent clinicians committed to serving the mental health needs of Black & Latinx/Hispanic communities. 



THE AAKOMA PROJECT, INC. Helps diverse teenagers and their families achieve optimal mental health through dialogue, learning, and the understanding that everyone deserves care and support. 



BLACK MENTAL WELLNESS Provides access to evidence-based information and resources about mental health and behavioral health topics from a Black perspective, as well as training opportunities for students and professionals. 


BLACK THERAPISTS ROCK An organization dedicated to healing the wounds of racism and generational trauma; and includes an online therapists directory through Tru Circle. 


BLACK WOMEN’S HEALTH IMPERATIVE Organization advancing health equity and social justice for Black women through policy, advocacy, education, research and leadership development. 


SYNERGY WELLNESS THERAPEUTIC SERVICES  Dr. Deidra A. Sorrell is a licensed professional counselor with 17 years of experience as a school psychologist in the DC public school system. She currently serve children, adults and families. 


THERAPY WORKS BY ANGELA HILL LLC  Angela has over 18 years experience in the field of counseling and therapy. Here passion is to support, assist, and empower individuals and families to live their best lives and have access to all community resources. 



THE FOUNDATION FOR BLACK WOMEN’S WELLNESS non-profit organization committed to mobilizing African American women to pursue and sustain mind-body-spirit wellness, and to raise the visibility and support of Black women’s health as a community and public health priority. 

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