The story Changers Award is an annual award honoring an outstanding womxn leader who exemplifies the mission, vision and values of Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival (PWTF) through her words, actions and contributions to the Philadelphia Theatre community and beyond. 

It is our goal to honor a womxn exhibiting “who we wish to be when we grow up” (no matter how old or experienced we become ourselves). We strive to be leaders and initiators who create opportunities for women, giving a voice to their stories and providing a community that celebrates the creativity of women and their contributions to the larger society.

Winners of the Story Changers award posses these qualities: Leadership, Inspiration, Mentorship, Creativity, Achievement, Support, Partnership, Ingenuity & Passion


The Story Changers award is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of an individual in the theatre arts and thank that individual for providing encouragement and support to PWTF.

Artistic Honorees - For outstanding leadership and empowering womxn in the arts in Philadelphia

Social Justice Honorees - For outstanding community leadership and for empowering womxn to change the story in the city of Philadelphia

2019 - Parent Artist Advocacy League (PAAL for Performing Arts)

2018 - Keila Cordova

2017 - Women Organized Against Rape (WOAR)

2016 - Joanna Settle

2015 - Jennifer Childs



Ripples in the Pond Productions, Parent Artists Advocacy League (PAAL), Beacon Theatre Productions, Arden Theatre Company, Jouska PlayWorks, Tribe 12

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The Philadelphia Women's Festival is inclusive of all woman/femme-identifying and gender fluid, as well as trans/queer artists who may not identify with term "women"

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Philadelphia Women's Theatre Company is honored to be a Philadelphia Cultural Fund 2020 Art & Culture Grantee. This grant allows us to further our creative work for the good of our community and for all Philadelphians. We extend our deepest thanks.