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#INTLMOTHERARTISTDAY is PWTF's annual celebration of mother artists!

Once a year, join PWTF and PAAL on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter by celebrating yourself, a parent-artist you know, and/or a mother artist who inspires you. We’d also love to know your insight as an ally or parent to the reality of being a mother artist. Thank you for supporting parents, for celebrating with us, and for looking out for ways to change the way the world for the better for mother artists everywhere.

Each year on International Mother Artist Day, PWTF partners with the Parent Artist Advocacy League (PAAL), to flood the internet with powerful words, hashtags, and images that remind us of the challenges, beauty, diversity, and raw truth of the mother artist reality. We encourage you to post yourself, post your partner, post your best friend, or a parent artist you admire. There is power and joy in solidarity. #IntlMotherArtistDay

International Mother Artist Day is a collaborative effort begun in 2018 by the Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival (PWTF) and the Parent Artist Advocacy League (PAAL).


Thanks to PAAL's National Director of Community and Justice Initiatives and Chief Rep for Philadelphia, Tamanya Garza, for compiling research about mental health in motherhood and crafting all text based on her caregiving experiences and work as a caregiving advocate and to Peter Andrew Danzig, LSW, MSS, MA, CPT for reviewing all text and resources, providing expert feedback and credible community resources.  (

How do you water yourself?

On August 2, 2022, International Mother Artist Day celebrated the beauty of motherhood while acknowledging and de-stigmatizing mental illness, providing community resources for mental health and breaking down barriers to essential healthcare for mother artists.   


** International Mother Artist Day is inclusive of all woman-identifying and gender fluid artists as well as trans/queer parents who may not identify with the term mother**

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Graphics created by Juliana Luber with the guidance from Tamanya Garza, Autumn Blalock and Christine Petrini

#IntlMotherArtistDay 2020
Celebrating BIPOC Mamas


On August 2nd, we aim to #AmplifyBIPOCMamas. Share your own photo and story, or a BIPOC woman+ you admire using the hashtag #IntlMotherArtistDay and tag @PAALTheatre and @PhillyWomensTheatreFest, and we will re-post on our social media platforms. 

In 2020, PAAL & PWTF are turning our attention to the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous & Person of Color) mother-artists of the world. We encourage theatres, families, friends, colleagues, communities and the BIPOC mother-artists themselves to share a photo of themself or a BIPOC mother-artist who inspires them, using the hashtag #IntlMotherArtistDay. These women and caregivers not only navigate the world of parenting and art-making, but they also face barriers that white parents do not, like pay inequality, being left out of child and healthcare decisions that disproportionately impact them, lack of representation in the companies and nonprofits they work within, and a lack of representation in their industries. Learn more about these barriers below:

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