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In the Press

Philadelphia Gay News / 2023

"The theme of this year’s Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival (PWTF) deviates from the traditional idea of womanhood. “Folkslore: Breaking the Binary” features plays that explore stories of women and queer people that exist outside of the cishet-normative binary."

Metro Philadelphia / 2023

"Women of all shapes, colors, creeds and sexuality are tackling issues closest to their hearts and minds, and putting it all center stage at the Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival (PWTF) this weekend."

WHYY / 2022

'Edelstein, in conversation with WHYY’s Priyanka Tewari says, the festival was born in response to a drama professor’s call to create a manifesto that addressed  “what sucked about theater, why, and what we were going to do to change it."'

Broadway World / 2022

"The artists at PWTF saw the impact of the pandemic on the overall mental health of the surrounding community and decided to become a part of the solution. Their website has a page that is dedicated to mental health resources."

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