Committed to producing and sharing the work of women playwrights in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Women's Theatre Festival strives to be inclusive of mother and parent artists, as well as parent theatregoers.  During the annual festival and throughout the year, plays and interactive music performances are presented for kids.  Coupled with our childcare initiative, PWTF's Young Audiences Studio offers onsite theatrical caretaking and a show simultaneously with all performances and readings.  


PWTF has presented Ashley Kern's "The King Who Wanted to Clean the Moon" twice- once as part of the 2019 Festival, and again in partnership with Reading PA's GoggleWorks in December of 2019.

PWTF and Goggleworks partnered up to bring you The King Who Wanted to Clean the Moon-- back from the 2018 festival by popular demand!

Based on playwright Ashley’s own second grade writing assignment, The King Who Wanted to Clean the Moon is for family audiences exploring climate change and gender roles. In this story, the King loves to read each night by moonlight; she reads stacks and stacks of books. One evening, she discovers that she can’t read because the moon is dirty. The King creates several different plans to clean the moon only to realize she can’t reach it. In the end, she boards a rocket ship never to return to earth to accomplish her task of finally cleaning the moon.

The show is best suited for children ages 3-9, but all ages are welcome. Arts and crafts tables are provided for children before the start of the show!



"The Big Idea Committee" was produced as part of the 2019 Festival.

A PWTF Young Audience Studio Production by Christine Petrini & Melissa Brun.

VENUE: Arden Hamilton Family Arts Center
DATE/TIME: August 3, 2019 at 5:00 pm

What’s Your Big IDEA? BIG thinkers small and tall get together to make plans for fun all year in this immersive and interactive theatre for young audience experience featuring children’s music by Christine Petrini & Melissa Brun. Together the Big Idea Committee goes on a musical journey of fun and games, adventure and innovation, acts of kindness, and, of course, song and dance! Committee Members – let’s call this meeting to order. All in favor, say “I”!



"Margot & Mr. Fog" was produced as part of the 2019 Festival.

A PWTF Young Audience Studio Production with book & lyrics by Ann Marley and music by Kevin Mucchetti

VENUE: Arden Hamilton Family Arts Center
DATE/TIME: August 3 & 4, 2019 at 3:00 pm.

Margot cannot figure out why her dad won't get out of bed! She is on a mission to get her dad up and playing, drink her first cup of coffee, and beat the world record for putting the most pairs of underwear on in 30 seconds. This children's musical talks about mental health from the perspective of Margot, a 9-year-old girl, as she and her dad battle their inner monsters.



Ripples in the Pond Productions, Parent Artists Advocacy League (PAAL), Beacon Theatre Productions, Arden Theatre Company, Jouska PlayWorks, Tribe 12

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The Philadelphia Women's Festival is inclusive of all woman/femme-identifying and gender fluid, as well as trans/queer artists who may not identify with term "woman"

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Philadelphia Women's Theatre Company is honored to be a Philadelphia Cultural Fund 2020 Art & Culture Grantee. This grant allows us to further our creative work for the good of our community and for all Philadelphians. We extend our deepest thanks.