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Lean into the magical multiplicity that is womanhood!

Show Schedule!

Thursday, August 3rd, 8:00pm
"SCRIBE, or The Sisters Milton, or Elegy for the Unwritten" by L M Feldman
Friday, August 4th, 8:00pm
"Unfair Advantage" by Tyler Rocio Ecoña
Saturday, August, 5th, 8:00pm
"Skinny Legend" by Liv Shoup
Sunday, August 6th, 1pm
Ronnie: the Musical by Juanna Parral and Larry Barnes
Sunday, August 6th, 6pm
"MASC." by Ang Bey

2023 Selected Plays and Playwrights!

Shoup_Headshot - Liv Shoup (1).jpeg

Liv Shoup

Skinny Legend 

About Skinny Legend

Katy is a big, beautiful fat liberation and body positivity influencer. When her “traditionally handsome” fiance Theo takes her to his hometown in Malibu, their lifestyles clash as Katy faces his old friends – the former cool kids and current pyramid scheme girlies. Theo’s former best friend, Caitlin, tries to push Katy into her pyramid scheme: a fake weight loss program. Katy rejects her, so Caitlin and her friends plot to make Katy’s life miserable – miserable enough that she will leave Theo. As Katy reckons with her reality as a plus size woman, she learns that Caitlin’s friends, though skinny and traditionally beautiful, have all struggled with body issues as well. Katy becomes determined to use her social media platform and take down Caitlin’s harmful scam, while showing the world that the politics of body image go far beyond fat versus skinny.

About Liv: 

Liv Shoup (she/her) is a Philadelphia based writer, actor, director, and gamer. Having worked with companies such as InterAct Theatre Company and PlayPenn, Liv is devoted to the production and development of new works that grapple with difficult truths while also using radical empathy to uplift our fellow underdogs. Liv has been a teaching artist at Drexel University on and off since her graduation in 2020.

IMG_3403 - Tyler Econa (1).jpg

Tyler Rocio Ecoña

Unfair Advantage

Unfair Advantage

When Mia Jonas became the first trans girl on a woman’s collegiate swim team, she expected backlash. What she didn’t expect was for participation guidelines to change after every race she won. But when the rules backfire on other participants, it begs the question: what does a “real woman” actually entail? 

About Tyler Rocio Econa: 

Tyler Rocio Ecoña (they/them, she/her) is a Peruvian-American artist and playwright. Their art embraces their Native Quechua heritage, bilingual dialogues, and intersectionality in pursuit of community, connection, and life beyond margins. Ecoña's work has been produced at The Kennedy Center, The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and more. They are an alum of the University of the Arts with a BFA in Directing, Playwriting, Production + Screenwriting, and were also a Fellow for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee at UArts.


Ang(ela) Bey



Tasha Field’s dad is dying, but she’s not calling home. Tasha’s also not coming-out– that would be too much. So, Tasha Fields is a Black woman. If Tasha were a man, Tyler would be a fag, then lose his scholarship. If Tasha were a man, Em would be her date to Cafe Nia, then they’d get married. If Tasha were a man, Dr. Adebayo would forgo tenure, then Africana Studies at Ovis College dies. So, Tasha can’t be Rayne. She just can’t. But for the first time ever, Tasha tried to end her life. So, something’s gotta give. MASC. is a self-love story– radical in joy, honesty, and pain. MASC. asks everyone to hold everything, all the time, with care– because our lives depend on it. 

About Ang: 

Ang(ela) Bey (they/them), is a Non-Binary Black femme from Southwest Philly. Director, playwright, and interdisciplinary artist, they have received accolade after accolade.They are no stranger to PWTF, and we are thrilled for their return! They are the co-creative director of Wings of Paper Theatre Co. and Shoe Box Theatre Collective.

L.M.Feldman-©Joanna Eldredge Morrissey_191 - L M Feldman (1).jpg

L.M. Feldman

Scribe, or The Sisters Milton

Scribe, or The Sisters Milton or Elegy of the Unwritten

For a moment: let’s set aside what got erased from history, and take a hard look at what never got written. With humor, eloquence, and high theatricality, this new play set during 17th-century England’s social volatility—and ours, too, now—tells the story of three children growing up in the shadow of the canon, of society, and of its cultural and historical legacies.

About L.M. Feldman: 

L M Feldman (she/they/any) is a queer, feminist, GNC playwright who writes theatrically audacious, physically kinetic, ensemble-driven plays that are both epic & intimate – usually about outsiders, often about searchers, always about the human connection. She writes plays that shift the prism, plays that quest & grapple, plays without answers. Plays in which something TRANSCENDENT transpires – for the community both onstage and off.

Untitled design-2.jpg

Juana Parral

Ronnie: The Musical

Produced by the Philly Children's Theatre  and Obviously Theatre.

A show for all ages!


Ronnie is a snail. In this one act musical, Ronnie lives in a shower drain, and one day, climbs out into the bathtub. In this new world, they discover a life full of light, soap, cucumbers, and water falling from the sky. And you’re in luck, because they are taking you along for the journey! Come see life through the eyes of a snail inside a bathtub! Appropriate for all ages. 

About Juanna Parral: 

Juanna Parral is a playwright and dramaturg based in Philadelphia. "As a dramaturg, I like to dig to the bottom of a performance, and help it reach its highest potentials through questioning every element of the story and characters. I shed light on even the smallest bits of information that are brought up in a script, and how even the tiny things affect every aspect of the world of the play. I write work for people like you and me, people who look at their lives and notice maybe they don't know the back of their palm as well as they might have thought they did."


A celebration of the many identities we all hold inside us.
"A transformative experience every year!"
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